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Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur - 801 marine spray cedar grapefruit 30 ml

Bon Parfumeur - 801 marine spray cedar grapefruit 30 ml

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The 801 is an aquatic citrus whose flight is transparent. Notes of grapefruit and lemon amplify the marine freshness. The airy facets combine well with the spicy and aromatic accents, giving the composition all its character. Its powdery trail is filled with dry wood and white musk.

The olfactory pyramid
Top notes
' Lemon: zesty, tangy
' Tangerine: fresh, juicy
' Grapefruit: bitter, pungent

heart notes
' spray: reminder of sea water
' Rosemary: aromatic, camphorated, Mediterranean smell
' Pink pepper: peppery, fruity mango, fresh

Background Notes
' Cedar: woody dry as a pencil
' Cypress: fresh woody, almost camphoric, aromatic
' White musk: soft, comforting, fluffy

*The top notes are the first scents of the perfume. After a few minutes, the heart notes arrive and last for several hours. Then the base notes appear and can even persist for several days!

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