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Escentric Molecules

Escentric Molecules - Escentric 05

Escentric Molecules - Escentric 05

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"With Escentric 05, I wanted to create a different kind of summer scent. Instead of the usual watery notes, I was inspired by the upwelling of the sea on a hot afternoon through dry Mediterranean grasses and trees. and aromatics." -Geza Schoen

Cashmeran, the molecule at the heart of the 05 series, is dry, radiant, warm and woody with an unexpected touch of pine resin. It is this vibrant quality that prompted Geza Schoen to return to the Mediterranean, where he spent his childhood summers, and it is why Escentric 05 is truly a different summer scent, imbued with lively warmth. and radiant and the contrast of plants and trees scorched by the sun.

Escentric 05 opens with a wonderfully simple top, composed of fresh and light bergamot, and a bright and cheerful orange note, chosen to represent the orange groves of our hypothetical island destination. Laurel and rosemary bring a characteristic freshness and spiciness, while the herbaceous character of juniper plays against the dry, pungent wood of cypress. The drydown is made up of two classic Mediterranean ingredients: cistus labdanum, with its sweet, leathery balsamic richness, and mastic, a tree resin with the clean, sharp scent of freshly cut branches. They're both layered with Series 05's signature ingredient, cashmeran, whose intoxicating 15% concentration in the formula imparts a sensual, woodsy warmth. Far from a typically "fresh" summer scent, Escentric 05 captures the emotional warmth of summertime memories in a scent that bears the full signature of Escentric molecules.

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