Purchases From Boutique Tozzi

All items that are seen online are subject to changes due to limited quantities and frequent changes in inventory. In the event that an item is unavailable a refund will be issued. The site is constantly updated so this issue occurs very rarely.
    Shipping Information
    • Where: Canada & U.S Free
    • Time: 1 to 5 Business days
    • Who: Canada Post delivers all of our products
    • Tozzi’s online store requires a registration process in order to complete all sales. This allows you to track order shipments, view your order’s status. 
    Checkout Cart
    • Until you have given confirmation, you can still make changes to your cart.
    • Boutique Tozzi uses Paypal for all credit card transactions.
    Consumer Protection
    • In the event that the item that is being purchased is found cheaper on another site, we will match the price only if these conditions are met:
    • If it is the same size, color and style.
    • The item is in the same currency.
    • Customer provides, site address, phone number or store address.
    Customer’s Responsibilities
    • You can cancel your order only if the goods have not been shipped. Once the order has left there is no possibility for cancellation or modification. You will be sent an order confirmation as soon as goods are on their way with a tracking number.
    • All transactions will have a 13.92% tax applied to them.
    Duties and Customs
    • Tozzi is not responsible for any duties or custom fees nor is it responsible for any delays in receiving goods.
    Shipping & Handling
    • All goods are very carefully inspected to ensure that there are no irregularities.
    Exchange Policy
    • Tozzi will not refund under any circumstances. Exchanges are allowed only within 7 days of receiving your goods. All exchanged merchandise will still be thoroughly inspected to ensure that the items are still in original condition. There are no exchanges or credit notes to be made on: perfumes, bathing suits, undergarments, hats, sunglasses, jewelry and watches.
    • All watches come with their respective warranties from their manufacture. In the event of a watch needing any type of maintenance or repair, it is not our responsibility. If this issue arises you must contact the watch company which has their contact info on the warranty.
    Purchasing from the U.S
    • All goods coming from the U.S must be sent by U.S.P.S or by U.P.S. All other methods of transport will be refused.
    Privacy Policy
    • This Privacy Policy applies to www.boutiquetozzi.com and to: Boutique Tozzi 2115 rue Crescent, Montreal, Quebec,H3G 2C1.  The terms "we", "us", "our", "website" refers exclusively to Tozzi. The information you provide us will be strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any other organization, without consent from the customer, unless required by law. We may use your contact information to let you know about new arrivals, upcoming events or promotions. If you do not wish to be contacted, you may remove yourself from our list. Terms and Conditions Trademarks, service marks and trade names are the property of boutiquetozzi.com. Logos, designs, advertisements, photographs are the property of boutiquetozzi.com and may by no means be represented by any party other than boutiquetozzi.com. Boutiquetozzi.com is not responsible for any damage ensued after your use of this site.